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Connecting to Captive WIFI

Explanation of the problem
We use the Apple supported feature to add a pac file to the device which sends the traffic to a proxy server, when trying to connect to a wifi which requires authentication the wifi won’t allow connecting thru our proxy server before authenticating, so we need to make sure this authentication page/site goes directly and not thru our proxy

The Solutions
1] Apple also has a built in feature to detect if a captive network is connected and it will then allow the authentication page to go direct and ignore the entire pac file, this will not work for a lot of newer wifi’s which are not setup as a captive network but rather they are setup as a local proxy so the Apple detection does not detect it, in that case we go to next solution

2] We can bypass the site of the wifi authentication in the pac file to not send this site to our proxy server, this is done in the advanced config, most of the reported ones are added globally, and if you find one which is not please report it to us, otherwise if still doesn’t work see next step

3] A lot of wifi’s not only are they not setup as a captive network they also wont direct your browser to their authentication page automatically and you need to manually go to the website of the airlines wifi login page


Sometimes doing forget network and connecting it again will make the device detect the captive network

1.  Open the device Settings and tap on the General option.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Reset.

3. Tap Reset Network Settings and then re-connect the device to the Wi-Fi.

My Internet stops working

No internet! can be frustrating, the GOOD NEWS! is that we have 24 hours live support to assist you in case it is a filter related issue, but lets give you some ideas to try or check.

First try to open the GenTech Webclip/App this refreshes your account to re-authenticate in case your IP changed. If it did not help then try to turn your internet off "Mobile Date" and "WIFI" and after a few seconds turn it back on, in many cases it will be fixed already. If still not working lets try to restart your device.

In case the basic methods above did not work, of course you may try to contact an agent at any time to help you further, you may also check if it does work on a different WIFI since sometimes a WIFI can have a firewall which will not let your device connect to our servers, also check if only some sites don't work or no website or app works and tell our agent the details of the error you get.

This site is not secure

If you get an error saying "This site is not secure" then most probably you don't have the filtering certificate installed on your device, or it is just not turned on.

Let's first check if it is turned ON.Go to Settings > General > About > Certificate Trust Settings.Check if you see the GenTech Solution CA and maybe also the Livigent CAUnder "Enable full trust for root certificates", just turn on the trust for the certificate.

IF you do not see it, don't worry! Open the GenTech app, in the menu select SSL and then follow the guide to install the Certificate, this should fix your issue.

My Device uses a lot of data

The filter does not use additional data on the device since we don't use a VPN type of connection we do not keep a constant connection which may cause higher usage, we only route the traffic which the device is anyways using to our proxy.

It may be happening by some app which is trying to run or update and is being blocked, please contact our team to try to find if that is the case.

A good idea would be to uninstall any apps which you are not using or don't need.

If you have specific sites or apps which you use a lot for example your own website or server or your own private email domain and you do not need that to be filtered, it can be a good idea to ask an agent to bypass it completely not to route thru our servers.