GenTech - Chrome Extension

Privacy Policy

How it works

GenTech is a powerful filter system that uses artificial intelligence to continually keep your computers and mobile devices safe and secure. GenTech removes unwanted content leaving you with a streamlined, efficient, clean, safe user experience.

The Gentech – Chrome Extension allows users to make requests and configure what our system will allow and unblock



The Gentech – Chrome Extension needs the following permissions in order to function : 

  • contextMenus – Adds to the browser contextual menu option to unlock images
  • tabs – The tabs are used on order to let the user know the number of resources blocked by our services
  • cookies – We save in a cookie the user login information in our systems
  • storage – We keep track of the current links and resources that are being blocked and unblocked
  • webRequestwebRequestBlocking – We listen to browser web requests to learn if the request contains or not a blocked resource (link or  image)
  • all url types * – we need to inspect any resource loaded in order to see if it was blocked or not by our services.

How we use information we collect

When the GenTech filter is in use/active on the device, we may read, collect and transfer to our servers using internet, web browsing details, and the usage of the applications on your device, this data is only needed for content filtering and troubleshooting purposes and is automatically deleted after 48 hrs.

Gentech – Chrome Extension does not collect information when you are using it in the browser but it locally inspects the content loaded to detect if our systems served filtered content.

Sharing of Information

GenTech will never sell, rent, license, exchange, or share any of your information without your permission. It may however do so under the following situations: If GenTech is required by law; and to enhance its market share and for other strategic business decisions, GenTech may also disclose your information to its strategic partners and service providers. By installing the GenTech Filter you are giving us the permission to share your information with Organizations or Communities associated with us.


Gentech – Chrome Extension saves login information using a cookie named “token” in order to keep an indentificator that will keep you logged.

Contact information

41 Box Street Suite 305 Brooklyn, NY 11222

For assistance, please call:

718-GEN-TECH (436-8324)