GenTech is built primarily on Artificial Intelligence

Ad-block - Why not?

Everyone is trying to get your attention. Its annoying and distracting! Buy me, look at me, gotcha! GenTech simply says “Leave me alone, Don’t bother me, You’re disinvited!” Thank you very much!

When in Doubt - White-out

GenTech will redact and white out the content you don’t want so you don’t have to be bothered with watching out what’s coming next! Just so you know there’s Whiteout censoring so browse with ease.

Artificial Intelligence

Filtering system is designed to apply the most sophisticated AI with a 99% accuracy.


Censors inappropriate text instead of blocking page entirely.

Real Time Filtering

Processes and categorizes data within websites or apps as it comes in.


Enjoy a distraction free online experience. No ads popping up out of nowhere.

Image Analysis

Our AI classifies images as appropriate or inappropriate based on skin color and face detection independent of text.

Apps-only Mode

Removes all unauthorized apps besides for those that were pre approved by the user.

Multilanguage Support

Supports filtering of content from the most popular languages around the world.

In-App Browser Filtering

Filters content on apps that use embedded browser even when app is allowed.

Content Based Filtering

Dynamic filtering based on the real live content of each filtered page.

Complete Customization

Designed to handle different connection types to flexibly allow specific customized filtering.

Multiple Layers and Methods

Offers multiple layers of filtering based on text, image, URL, MIME Type and Protocol.

Absolute Privacy

No tracking of records, browsing or activity, except in rare cases for troubleshooting purposes.

Time Controlled Filtering

Apply time restrictions and flexibility, when and where you need it.

Ease of Use

Easy to install and configure. Runs automatically and transparently.

Key Word Block

Apply additional security by blocking pages based on inappropiate key words detected in the url, header, and page content.

Safe Search

Force the device to use the Google and YouTube Safe Search tool, even when allowed to search the site.

YouTube Filtering

We have built a separate filtering system just for YouTube based on the description, comments and channels of each video.

GenTech Site Cleaning

A powerful tool which we use to manually clean sites which need to be used but contain unwanted content like http://yahoo.com and give you the opportunity to use the site comfortably.

Cutting Edge Image Filtering Technology

Image analysis

The GenTech Filter will analyze an image, even for pages with allowed text content, with extreme accuracy to determine the level of appropriateness. Multiple layers and applications are used to identify skin color, rating it benign, or otherwise applying our innovative image altering treatment according to policy requested by user.

Image Filtering Options

Our image altering technology repaints skin colored pixels or altogether replaces the image in filtered pages or even inside apps. Block it when its inappropriate. Color it when it’s ok, but you don’t want to see it. You may also choose to leave it for business or shopping purposes.