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Customers Feedback
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Malka SchwartzJoshThank you for a prompt solution to my problem with the filter!
AnnonBrianThe wait time was much too long, but other than that, Brian made sure to do it as quick as possible, thank you!
EliBradThe support is good and quick. Thanks
Duvi VogelBrianGreat work!
Abe GrossmanBradKeep up the great work!
AnnonYossii yesterday with private meeting at tag and they approved everything i request but its still not working.i even received confirmation email that it was approved.
AnnonKevinNot helpful
- Deborah FinestoneRobertThe agent who helped me today was extremely helpful and careful to make sure everything worked. He worked to resolve the glitches in the system and did so beautifully.I commend him! He was terrific. I do need your help though; He left a message ,as per my request, that the night shift should put the filter setting back to block amazon and for the filter setting for pictures also to go back on at 8 pm. However, the filter was not adjusted. I repeatedly pressed policy refresh tonight,but amazon is still not blocked. Please help. I often find this to be a problem. The filter works nicely once it works. But there needs to be a reliable way to put it back on after removing it. There is often a long wait to reach an agent on the phone.But when I email the request, the settings often do not get corrected .PLEASE BLOCK AMAZON AGAIN AND ADJUST THE FILTER SETTING FOR PICTURES ON THE LENIENT SETTING AS IT WAS EARLIER. THANK YOU. ( Also, would you please email me what the different setting options for filtering pictures are.) I appreciate all the work and effort that you keep putting to make this filter work.Thank you again.
Annon- Not sure -Excellent rep, fixed issue in no time!
- sarahAdamthanks now things seem fine thank you whoever helped me seemed to know his work well thank you
AnnonJackThank you so much for your assistance!
- BYKJoelThank you.
AnnonKevinthank you for protecting us
AnnonJoshAll of the representative giving good and convenience service
- Chaim GrunfeldKevinKevin did a great job ,. he works with heart and he work and work tell it gets solved
AnnonBrianyour have great staff
- chaim meir weinrebJoeHi the service was excellent. The automatic call back was not working properly. Thank You!
- Wolf SilbermanRyanGreat customer service
- MarkJoeThe service was great and very helpful. Thank you Gentech!
- Aviva GottliebMartinThank you for your excellent service!
Annon- Not sure -thank you for your amazing filter. I have a recommendation that anyone who has only app plan with you should be put on a white list automatically so he cannot access any web pages from the calendar app or other apps . I was able to open up certain web pages from my calendar and from my messaging app that came from Samsung even though I only have access to apps. People should not have to call up and ask to be put on the white list. It should be automatic thank you very much
- Motty KatzDanYou guys rock!
AnnonKevinthank you for protecting us
AnnonJoeJoe was great – I'm still trying out the filter so I can't comment on that yet.
AnnonJoeWoW! such fast service, hardly had to wait
- MoeJackJack is awesome, no words.
- Joseph SternAdamKeep up the great work!!
- Stuart WerbinRobertRobert did a great job overcoming obstacles to block a particular site.
- Ari matyasMartinAmazing customer service, filter is very good
- shmuel liebermanJohnThanks john was great!
AnnonJohnWaiting time is usually very very long.
- chaim honigJoegreat service keep it up thanks a million
- Aron EisenbergSteveYou have a great team and are providing VITAL service for Klal Yisroel! Keep it up! Thank You So Much!
AnnonJoeJoe did a great job helping me out.
- Judy WygodaJoeJoe was an excellent help. Thank you
AnnonJohnthx for helping keeping purity in our house
- David katzJoeJoe was extremely helpful. Thank you so much!
AnnonStevesteve was very helpful and fast!
AnnonJackvery good
AnnonKevinKevin was excellent he was so patient. We spent about 40 minutes or so on the phone and he wouldn't give up. He resolved everyone of my problems. Thank you so much Kevin
AnnonJackThe rep who helped me was excellent. thank you
- aron eisenbergAdamKeep up the great work of protecting Klal Yisroel from harmful content!
- yankyJoeworks great
- David RichterDaMartinAll is well
- Asher h NeumanKevinThe person who helped me now was really great. 7 stars
- Chaim BochnerPeterGreat Service
AnnonDavidi was amazed by your professional team how patient they are sofar i'm really satisfied
- Wolf SilbermanPeterGreat filter and great service
- mendel reinerJackhe found the problem and fixed it.
- Mayer WeberJoeJoe did a phenomenal job!! I was very happy with the service he gave me.
- Malka SchwartzJoshThank you for a prompt solution to my problem with the filter!
- Soloman MarksteinKevinKevin was very professional and very helpfull
- BrachaJoeThank you. This filter is great. Saves me from wasting time on my phone.
AnnonKevinKeep up the good work Kevin !
- rivkohKevinkevin was very helpful and very patient!
AnnonKevinThings being blocked for no reason, computer slowed down a LOT, not so confident.
- JoelBrianThe support I received on the phone was amazing. Brian was very knowledgeable and knew exactly how to correct my issue.
- chrisKevinI would appreciate if the phone lines moved faster
AnnonBradI used gentech for one year on my iPhone and iPad. I have just had it uninstalled on both. I found it very frustrating as it seemed to slow down both devices, not allow for updates and especially because it blocked all of the health webinars, which is what I mainly am interested in watching.
- yehuda rosensteinJacki need to uninstall this because it blocks to much and reinstall it with same settings and see if this maybe works better.
- yehuda rosensteinJacki need to uninstall this because it blocks to much and reinstall it with same settings and see if this maybe works better.
- PJoeSupport guy was very pleasant, but didn't offer much information as to what's wrong, but main thing hey it got sorted do thank you
- Meir dagmyBrianThe technicians are mostly polite, but are not aware of how the filter is being bypassed.
AnnonBrianYou guys have to figure out that customers don't wait so long and she. The problem is resolved it should stay resolved permanently a d not have the same issue a day later.
AnnonBriani couldnt get any android emulator to work, it didnt connect when trying to sign into google!
- Henny- Not sure -My filter got messed up, which was really disturbing. It started allowing what it was supposed to block, on both computers! The representative I spoke to had no idea why, but he was able to correct all the messes after about 2 and a half hours! He worked really hard, and was extremely patient and pleasant to work with. But the process was extremely frustrating, as you can imagine. Also really disturbing because when I install this filter, i expect it to be reliable, that I can give it to my child, without my always observing. And here, while it was blocking some completely neutral sites, it was allowing adult content. I am glad it was corrected, but right now i don't feel secure to allow my child to use this device without supervision. Maybe I need to verify whether the filter is working, each time before i give it to him.
- MendelJohnKeep up the great work
AnnonStevetoo early to rate filter
AnnonKevinIt worked fine but then started blocking everything in sight. Now I had to remove some of the filtering criteria which I'm not happy about but it's working well.
- Yechiel JaradiMartinI do a lot of changes and I cannot make everything word for sure probably
- AhuvaDanOn the phone over an hour and nothing was resolved. Thinking of cancelling
- Faigy GestetnerDanThank you Dan for unblocking what I told you to unblock. Unfotunately, you did not unblock everything I want. THat's because I want alot inblocked. ( ;
AnnonAndyi have requested several times that google should work but i am still blocked,yesterday i was horrified when i was on voisisneis and their was terrible images when i did request that all images should be blocked
AnnonJohnI came in today and the whole process to filter my laptop took so long, so I kept trying to speed things up and not think so deeply into what I was filtering. when I came home and realized I filtered too many things, I tried calling. If I would have known that it takes so long to get through, I would have thought about each thing I was filtering, for a longer time. I only didn't do that because I was told by person at the TAG office that I would always be able to call if I need to make changes. So I didn't think so much into what I was filtering. Then, when I finally got through to someone on the phone, they couldn't figure out the problem I was having so they only fixed half of it. Chatting live takes much quicker and they help you right away. I will do that next time.
- Israel NewmanJoeI would like to have access to everything except websites that are really bad for me. I wanted to search basic dating websites for advice and I’m blocked too much. If something can be done about this, I would appreciate it. Thank You.
AnnonRobertVery caring about the clients problems very sweet and respectful work.
Deserves reward
AnnonRobertThe agent couldn't help me with my problem!
AnnonRoberti wont to be able to see hebrew sights. thank you.
Chaya TendlerJohnI tried emailing a few times and sent in request forms, but did not get any response--from a week ago. So then I did a live chat, and was told to call, and my call got answered pretty quickly. I guess in the future I'll do a live chat instead of sending in a request form.

Thank you for your help!
AnnonJoeExcellent service! Much appreciated.
AnnonPeterPeter was very helpful. Wait time until I got to speak to him was a bit too long.
AnnonRobertThank you for the excellent service!
Robert and Brad both helped me and they were patient and polite, and helped me with everything that I needed.
Thank you so much!!!
Yanky AuschJoshJosh was amazing with setting up the filter with me. Was very professional and extremely helpful.
And I'm amazed of the service you guys provide overall.
And Thanks Gentech for keeping us away from the bad.
tauberJackjack did a great job
thank you
JoelJoeJoe was great!!! Help to me switching my work phones from android to iOS.
bassheva turkelBrianBrian was really helpful! and very skilled in his knowledge!
leah klugmanPeterPeter was absolutly amazing so patience and waited until the problem was completely finished
alot of resorces to find work or training are blocked because they have youtube clips- even though it is for business.
It can be frustrating to do anything new .

I had a recent webcast that I only got the last 5 minutes because It took to get the call and open the filter.
anything business related needs to be opened.
ChaimBrianThe person who picked up the phone was full with knowledge and helpful
VickyJoeHi Joe fixed my problem thank u and very patient
Yakov LampertJoeI've been on phone several times to correct several issues I had with the filter.
In the end you helped, but I spent a lot of time sitting on the phone.
Yoel FriedmanJoshThanks you Josh
Did an amazing job, he spent over 4hours working with me and solved my issues. He was extremely patient and courteous.
Mike IsenbergDavidDavid did a wonderful job.
shlomo EinhornRobertRobert was absolutely amazing on the phone! He was extremely patient, very quick and professional, and overall gave me fantastic service! Thank you,
Aaron SalamahJoshpretty crazy because was on phone this morning & took care of problem that my google play music not working & now a few hours later only its back to not working all over again. i can't call you because i have work & get home 8 & i cant ask my wife to call instead of me because its too hard for her
AnnonJoeJoe was amazing, very patient and helpful. Thank you, JOE
chaniAdamfinally got someone who knows his work on the phone. Thanks adam!
AnnonPeterpeter was really helpful and understandable!
AnnonRobertRobert is great! This is not the first time I spoke with him, and he is always so helpful and polite. A pleasure to work with!

Thank you!
Jacob GestetnerJoeGreat service.
This service call did not relate to "installation" of the filter. It was rather on working around blocked pages.
Chaim AppeldorferJoeThe best of the best joe...👍👍
Moishe ElyeJohnIt's been a a pleasure working with your staff they're amazing, always solved my problems. Keep up your good work. Also Steve helped me many times, excellent, keep up the good work.
daisyJoeThank you for your great service!
Chesky SchonbergerJoeExtremely happy with the service and the filter and I tried many other companies no one comes close, gentech is by far the best
miriJoeJoe was extremely helpful and fast. He didn't have to go into my computer, he did it straight from where he was, and that made it quicker.
s swimerJoejoe was really patient and gave me alot of time to resolve my issue i rate it **** !
AnshyJoshGreat to do business especially with josh 5star
AnnonJohni was highly satisfied with the problem solving your technician did yesterday. it was quiet a challenge & he Kept on trying all type of different Technics on till the issue was solved complete. GREAT JOB!!!
MenachemPeterPeter is fantastic! Such a great worker!
ChaimRobertthe tech was very very kind and patient with me!!
SheaJoeI'm overall happy with the filter, but amex app is still not working and I need it to work, also, this morning the GenTech app drained 220MB data for no reason, and my phone wasn't even being used and all apps were closed at the time, this a killer for someone who hase a fixed amount of data per month.
But overall I'm happy, it's just here and there small bumps on the road to being kosher.
AnnonRobertThank you for your excellent service! Robert was so patient and polite and stayed on the phone with me for over an hour (!!!) until all the problems were fixed and I was able to use all of the websites that I needed. Even when things weren't working properly, Robert stayed polite and courteous and helped me a lot. Thank you!!!
JackThere needs to be more flexibility with the Gentech filter. Also please have the hours at tag and the costumer service extended later than 8:30 pm and on Saturday night for a few hours as well. Thank You.
Moishe M EizikovitsBrianThe app is working very good over all, I wish it could filter more things like Google now so it won't be blocked completely, the amex app also doesn't work, please fix the Google maps problem as well. The guy over the phone was extremely helpful n professional. Thank you guys
Shmuel PrizantJackJack is great!!! you should upgrade his monthly wage!!! he is a specialist!!!

I spent hours on hours with tech from gentech to enable gmail messages sync thru the "Windows Mail App" in Windows 10 PC, and no one could help me, even the supervisor tried working on that issue for an hour, and did not accomplish anything!!!

But than came Jack! he did the job in a few minutes!!!
AnnonJoei was very professionally assisted by joe he solved all the issues properly GREAT JOB
AnnonJohnWaiting time on the phone is extremely long!
AnnonRobertNobody can help me unblock a app i hate this filter
Daniel JacobsenKevinKevin did a wonderful job-- he was patient, and persistently and diligently worked through the complicated process of setting up my phone with your system. It seems to be working fine, and I appreciate all his efforts. Having a 'safe' phone makes a HUGE difference in my life, and I want him to know that. Wishing him success and blessing!
Daniel Jacobsen
P.S. Thank you to all those who developed this software, so I can live in this society without as much shmutz!
Ben shashaAdamI have called before about the problem that Adam took care of and was told there is nothing that can be done however Adam with patience was able to solve the issue
solomon rosenbergBrianvery hard to communicate with the representatives , its not the first time it happens
Steven srourRobertGet more operators to answer calls quicker
AnnonJoehe was very good and did everything very fast
AriRobert Robert is the best representative I
ever had
AVRAHAM MORGENSTERNJohnWorking properly on the whole. It does, however, sometimes block things that shouldnt be blocked and allow things that should be blocked. In other words, the settings or guidelines seem to be rigid or inflexible, using a sledgehammer rather than a scalpel
AnnonJackJack was very helpful
AnnonJoegive him a raise

Thank you for your wonderful product, it's really saving people and their dignity.

Today and yesterday, we were assisted by Mr Brian, Mr Josh and Mr Jack, they were all very helpful, nice and quick to solve issues.

Specially today, Mr Brian really went the extra mile to work around a program we use and patiently and efficiently worked it out with his manager. They were both really good!

Thanks again and all the blessings to your and your families.

With much gratitude,

n.v.JackGreat help today as well from Mr Jack, thanks again to everyone working there and all the best.

Eliezer FogelJosh Josh did an amazing job, he was exceptional, did a great job and called back when we got disconnected over 5 times!!!!

He was Extremely patient,and a pleasure to work with!!!!
Levi KohnThank you so much for your important and holy work!
Daniel JacobsenJackJack, thank you again for all of your time. It might seem small to you, but it's very big to me! All the best! Daniel
JoeIt is really frustrating that I always use some sites and suddenly the same sites that I use get blocked for no reason.
AnnonJoshKeep up the good work.
Shalom FriedJoePlease do not ask me to fill this out after every phone call it's quite bothersome. It would be more appropriate just to rate the quality of the technician's performance like Amazon does.

VickyRobertGreat service, so patient, very thorogh in checking every possible solution, even tried to help with someothing unrelated to the filter but still tried!!
Eva BechhoferJoeThank You!!
AnnonAdamIm not sure who it was but he was very professional and patient
Ari TeitelbaumJohnkeep up the good service
AnnonPeterNeed to set settings not to be so strict
AnnonJoeThe representatives I speak about any issues I have always listen carefully and do their best to adjust the settings and/or fix an issue.
Yehudah Menasheh GoldsteinKevinKevin I would give a deserved raise for his know-how and success in accomplishing the impossible. Kevin stayed with me for a whole hour and didn't give up, being extremely patient, never getting excited, maintaining a diligent effort to accomplish the goal to restore my service on my Android smartphone. I had deleted AVG virus software and AVG filter and that threw my entire phone into fail. I could not use it. Another tech told me to take the phone in to the TAG office and that would not help immediately as the office is closed and it would take more time tomorrow. Kevin tried until he succeeded. I am very grateful for your service to me and the genius of Kevin's help. Please give him a well-deserved raise. But if you don't he would be well to seek a higher paying job elsewhere.
David GeltzerJoeJoe was very accommodating. He helped me get my history deleted which was having trouble doing myself. He got working on helping me and didn't interrupt to have to get help (I would understand if he need to). . Also he stayed on my computer until the I refreshed my system and he saw it on his end so that I wouldn't have to do it myself and perhaps stumble in not doing it right away. Great Job Joe
AnnonJoeI've spoken with various representatives and they always do their best to solve any issues I have. They give all the time needed, and overall I am very happy with GenTech's services. At times it does take a bit of time when I call until a representative answers but I imagine that GenTech gets many calls so the representatives are not able to take the call sooner. Still, if I may, I humbly suggest that you do all you can to speed up the time it takes until a representative answers as it may be frustrating to customers. Just a suggestion for overall good customer service.
eliezer kleinDanDan is amazing amazing technician and he knows how to make u 100 %satisfied
Nathan BrachJoeKeep up the good work!
AnnonJoevery helpful and very nice
Malka SchwartzRobertRobert was very professional, patient and knowledgeable. He solved my problem quickly. Ty
AnnonJoeWhile Joe solved my problem, he was not too patient for me to find the right things to click to follow his directions. More patience is needed. I have found that with many of the representatives who have helped me in the past. I pay good money for the filter, and it would be beneficial to have patient people helping.
AnnonBrianThanks for making it so user friendly
AnnonRobertYou guys are doing great ! Getting better and better.
Ben KolmanRobertCostomor service looks good
AnnonJoeThe same problem still persists. I cannot open my gmail accounts. I get a notice (not from gentech) that there is no secure connection. Or something like that. The filter is ok, but gmail no longer opens all the time.
Yitzchak WeingartenJoeI was working with 2 guys both was excellent thanks
Meir DagmyBradThank you.
Ruchie ToplanBrianThank you for the excellent job filtering; and thanks for now having the email option for service (although I did require a follow up phone call)
AnnonJoshVery helpful today, thanks.
AnnonRobertKeep up the good work! (just make sure to make this Amex work once for all.....)
AnnonJoeKeep up the good work
Yoel FriedmanJoshThank you Josh you're the best
Martin BodekJoeI wish you can block the images on a page like this:

I was told by support that video images can not be blocked.

I greatly appreciate your professionalism.
malkie rosenbergJoemy technician was very patient and extremely nice .. I would give him a 10 on his performance
leah robertsDanyour service is impressive. i have been able to communicate problems outside of office hours thru email and to speak with support during your long hours. your service people are knowlegeable and easy to talk to. they waste no time getting to the issue and get to work immediately. excellent and reassuring communication.
they take the time to double check and make sure that the work they did is effective.
basically, the support is excellent. much better than geek squad!
thank you for helping me maintain this important filter!
PEARLRobertRobert was so great and patient! He spent nearly an hour unblocking a video course I needed access to, and he really realized how important it was to me for it to work. He even called me back to make sure it was working ok after I rebooted my phone. Amazing service!
tehilaJoshAmazing service!!! So easy to use and easy to work with! Makes filtering very hassle free! Josh was awesome and very patient with me!! Thank you!
Jacob NezriJoshJosh was extremely helpful and patient. He really knew what he was talking about and resolved all my issues.
Kalmen Eliezer ZusmanJoshVery very happy for the service thanks a mill
Mayer GodingerRobertRobert was really great in helping me out.

Thanks much
AnnonJoeJoe is great thanks
Deborah ScheinbergKevinVery helpful with my needs.
Yisroel GrinbergJoeHow was the respond time to your email or wait time on call? * phone call was a bit long, email was very fast
Herschel BlausteinJoshThanks!
RefaelJoeJie was professional and pleasant
Mendy KraussMichaelIt stops a lot of apps doing what it's allowed! 🙁
Otherwise, it's great!
aron sternJoegreat
keep up your good work
AnnonBradThanks so much! I really like the filter. Keep up the good work.

If there would be a way to make the Firefox browser app compatible with the filter, that would be really nice. I like Firefox better than Chrome, has some useful features that I would use.

Thanks again.
AnnonJoethank you
i waited over a half hour for gentech to call me back, but joe was a pleasure and corrected the problem quickly.
Joseph reichJoshWasn't working properly had to remove filter

SolDavidDavid has been very quick, efficient and understanding to my needs was really a breeze!

JosephPeteri spend more than a half hour to take care that google + shouldn't open after all that right now it opens again
KenJoeGreat work
Israel WeinsteinJoeThanks
Devorah WadlerJoeHi,

The technician who helped me was excellent!!! He spoke English clearly and quickly (though I could tell that he's foreign) and after just a few minutes and a few attempts my app was working properly! I would have rated your service as excellent except that I wish the hold time would be shorter. Also, while on hold there is an annoying recording that comes on every few seconds. It can and should be played less often. Background music tells us we are still on hold. Most of us are doing something else while waiting and even if not (I was a passenger in a car at the time) the recording is annoying.

I used your call back feature which called me back too early - first it said I was 1st in line then 2nd so I hung up and when it called me back I still had to wait. Improvement is needed there as well. Thank you!
Joe ShayoBradAfter upgrade the app not to block
Nussi EinhornJoeGreat service. No more tag.
Annon- Not sure -Keep it up!!!
anraham lowyJoshvery helpful
thanks so much
Isaac MargolisJoeBlocks too much. Disturbing me a lot
IsaacJoshJosh is great to work with.
PerryJoeJoe helped me out with my concern. He was very efficient and made sure that my browser is working properly before I hung up. Thank you!
JOSEPH SEGALBradIf u can make a filter to block all photos
With a message on the bottom explaining
What the picture underneath is about
So I can decide if I even want to open it
For example if it said woman near beach I would know not to open it ,even if the current photo blocking filter would not block it .
Most of the time the current photo filter ends up only blocking old Rabbi's
Binyamin GoldbergerJoeIf I may suggest a feature. Being able to schedule certain websites times of access would be a great feature for working people who need access to certain websites at work but would restrict the access when Home.

Also it would be a great benefit to be able to self manage the filter on your website.
Isaac PeykarJoshJosh is great
malkaJoshEveryone I have spoken to in this company has always been patient, helpful and friendly.
This is also the best filter I have tried.
Thank you
BrianThank you
MO REICHRobertRobert is patient,clear and all around good customer service
Moishe ElyeBradBrad was a wonderful and great help, he will follow up with me.
JoeThank you. This is a great service for me.
AnnonJoeThanks loads for helping me solve my problems
AnnonJoshHeavy accident - hard to hear but help in everything I needed.
AnnonJoeHe helped me and even called me back when the phone disconnected!
ChaniJackI'm very very frustrated
I came down to u,
Got my filter installed.
It's not to be believed, but when I Need to filter to unblock you ppl can't seem to.make that happen.
Last time I.was on the phone for close to 2 hours and my issue was bout resolved.
Now I need to do some research ,I Need access. I'm on the phone for 45 min - and the filter still isn't open. He's is very patient, whoever picked up the phone, but this is not the first time. I.hung up after 45 min and my filter is still not unblocked.
What's this supposed to mean?
BarryJimhe was very helpful and patient
AnnonBradThank you!
sam lunAdamgreat
Yisroel D OsdobaJoshJosh was really helpful and professional.

Thank you!
AnnonJimJust installed it, so for now it's working.
Jim was extremely patient, friendly and explained everything very well.

Maybe it was just a fluke but when I called I was the 5th caller and I asked to be called back via star.
I got a call back but I was 4th instead of 1st
Yehoshua JacobsJoewould like to see a setting that even if the internet has to be opened for third party tech support such as dell or hp or a contracted IT dept. there is an open internet besides for mature content
GoldieDavidDavid was extremely helpful and got all my problems solved!
AnnonDavidyour service only gets better and better!
thanks for everything!
AnnonPeterThank you do much.
AnnonMichaelService call was excellent!
AnnonJoshYasher koach!
AnnonPatrickHappy so far except for one thing: your email acknowledging my unblock request should reference the substance of the request, not just provide a ticket number. That would make it easier to have a conversation or back-and-forth when there are multiple requests pending. For example, I just had multiple requests pending; you sent me an email that one of them requires escalation; there was no way for me to know which one, because there was just a ticket number and no reference to the substance; there was also no record of my requests in the GenTech app so I couldn’t check there. I hope this is clear. If not, call me at 917-439-4512.
Nathan HonigJoshoriginaly i asked for Non Jewish news to be blocked, i had a problem that i could not search the Weather,
however now after the new instalation, only Google news is blocked but CNN. BBC, is opening,
please Block ALL non jewish news, BUT at the same time Allow the Weather.

AnnonRobertRobert was amazing
AnnonDavidPerfect telephone manners and knowledge of staff outstanding
Very helpful too
AnnonBrianIt would be helpful if the technician would be more familiar with how to remove the accounts and tap in to do that for me
Brian was very patient with me
ariJoethe filter is amazing & the email response is professional & very quick bottom line its a great filter highly recomended
Albert IshayJoshI think the filter is working great just at times it does too much.
Many thanks 5 star service
I am only wondering why do you need to remotely connect to my computer.
I would very much appreciate a kind response.
Many thanks
miriBrianbrian was very good and quick. he explained things well
thank you
Akiva PiotrkowskiJoshHe did an excellent job
Benjamin EhrmanJoeThanks always for your help
Chana GoldshmidJoshYou can ask me about the filtering, if it's working well, in a month. I just installed it today, so it's too soon to answer properly!
mrs aussenbergRyani was very happy with Roberts service unhappy with the filter in that it failed us for so long and when i phoned to rectify the problem i found that the one i spoke to denied completely that the issue had anything to do with the filter and tried his hardest to get me off the phone until i mentioned that Robert was so nice and tried really hard to help me and that he tried too but failed to solve the problem i was having.He did not want to accept that it was the filter causing the major problems and i did not have internet connection for at least a month now and it was so frustrating till i spoke to TAG in London who were most helpful and then passed me on to Ryan who was simply amazing.
AnnonMichaelThank you for your time and assistance.
yosef meir kaneJoe
The video still does not work
AnnonJoeYour help and service is really GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tehilla HatanianJoeThe person who helped me was very good! Very nice, courteous, and to the point.
chaniJoshThanks Josh he was very fast and helpful
shmuel weizbergMichaelDuring the process I was asked multiple times to uninstall and reinstall app filter restart device it was very frustrating esp from experienced trained tech I was on the phone over 20 minutes
TulyJoshVery good customer service
AnnonJoeI appreciate that the GenTech representatives always do whatever they can to resolve an issue.
Moshe RaichikPeterits definitely getting better.

you guys are doing great

Ruchie ToplanPeterThank you for the feature that allows you to call and press * in order to receive a call back! It was much more convenient.
EBBrianThe apps that the agent was supposed to have enabled are still not working.
AnnonBradExcellent service, Brad was very patient with me and did as I requested. Service was also prompt and everything is working (or not:) beautifully!

Thank you so much I will highly recommend you to my friends!

Zisi wachsbergBrianThank you Brian, you are very knowledgeable and patient.
AronJoeA pleasure to work with.
Nissim SchoenwaldDavidI've dealt with David in the past, he's very good and extremely patient

Thank you David!!!
AnnonBriani would appreciate if your staff spoke a more fluent English.
solomon gutmannBrianThe first guy I spoke to didnt know how to speed up my computer and told me to turn off my windows defender putting me at risk of viruses! the guy I spoke to second realized that I was set up for the usa and not israel!
Yisroel RabinowitzJoshI called a few times to deal with an issue and it was never satisfactorily dealt with. So I called this time to remove my filter in the hope that would solve the issue. However, within less then two minutes Josh gave me a very easy solution which worked immediately and didn't require me to remove the filter at all. Thanks for great service Josh!
AnnonJoeHe was very patient and helpful.
AnnonJoshthis time I phoned for help and not installation. Josh was very caring and patient . I have loads of problems since gentech has been installed and your company will not even reimburse me for the last month of hassle I am unimpressed.
secondly first time I called I spoke to a guy who was reluctant to tell me his name and when he finally did I aske him to spell it out and he answered me with the question what can I help you with so I asked him again how to spell his name and he answered"what for" only when I told him that I will receive a survey did he soften up and his name is Brad. He could be a little more friendly like Josh and Robert and Ryan.
DevoraJoeJoe was really helpful and kind! He worked patiently with me to figure out the issue and made me feel like he was happy to help me. Excellent service!!
AnnonJoeThank you.
AnnonJohnJohn has serviced me several times and I'd like to say that his devotion to customer service is really great. He took the time to patiently listen to all my questions and answered them to his fullest. John is an excellent customer service representative!
AnnonJoshKeep up the good work !
AnshelJoeVery helpful great service thank you
shmuel weizbergJoeVery helpfull
Boruch GutmanJoeI have multiple devices with your filter if it would be a way of link each other that when I'm requesting site allowance it should automatically link to all devices that will be a home run
Thanks a lot
AnnonJoeI had been at TAG Brooklyn where we purchased and installed Gentech filter.

It has not been working for us at all. The internet does not work even when connected to wifi, most pages say THIS PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED etc...

This laptop will generally connect to public networks (i.e starbucks, dunkin donuts etc…), and evidently, public networks can not be easily accessed with this filter.

We were told that for starters, each time when connected to a network we need to do Shift Control L > right click > captive tab > redirected to browser to login page of that network. We were told by the Gentech tech support that this should work for some public networks. For others, we will need to add that page to the filters network to allow it, by installing and reinstalling the filter.... Seems like quite a process (each time!).

Joe was very helpful in making this starbucks location work for us, and helped allow certain sites (which we thought should have worked initially as they weren't blocked by us by category such as sports, news etc).

However, I am concerned that I will have to spend hours on the phone (as I did today) each time I try to connect to wifi, which will make it very difficult, inefficient and practically impossible for us to be able to use this filter, as it is not allowing access to wifi and internet locations and thereby in no which way meeting our needs properly.
J MullerJoshKeep up the good work.
Really hope you can figure out a way to make One Drive app work
AnnonBrianI always appreciate your service.
AnnonBrianBrian has been an excellent customer service representative; I was very satisfied with his service.
Efraim KleinJoeyou are great, thank you.
AnnonJoeExcellent work by Joe
dovid safierDavidDavid was very helpful and patient. Even though it took quite a while to determine the cause of the issue, David worked diligently to make sure the problem was completely solved. Thank you for all your help.

Dovid Safier
meir arje ElefantDavidwas serviced by David today....he was polite was a pleasure
leibyDavidHe was a great help and figured out the issue with great patience!!
AnnonDavidDavid was extremely knowledgeable and efficient . He listened to my concerns and addressed them appropriately.
AnnonDavidIt was a real pleasure having David service my needs. He listened patiently to all I said and was accommodating to everything. Again, it was a real pleasure dealing with David today. (I told him I'd give him very positive feedback on the survey as he deserves it.)

David: An excellent customer-service representative!
shmuel weizbergJimI sent an email earlier this morning and by 5pm didn't get response also callback didn't callback since my 130 call. When I called in around 8am reported my issue of device not connecting to pc all I was told was it's not a filter issue and guy didn't try to help but later I figured it was so I contacted for help
AnnonJimJim Serviced me as I'm having trouble with my Internet and I was very happy with his customer service. He attended to all my needs. A pleasure working with him.
charles rothJoshvery good sevice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AnnonBradExcellent service! Thank you so much!!
Yisroel GrinbergRobertRobert was amazing
AnnonJoshIt took over an hour to fix what was required. Techs should be able to fix things like this in less time.
AnnonRobertI'd like to say that it was a real pleasure dealing with Robert. He was friendly, patient, went out of his way to check all his sources for the issue at hand. I think Robert is an excellent customer-service representative!
Yosef FellerJoshJosh did a great job!
AnnonPeterPeter did a great hob!
AnnonPeterAn amazing amazing amazing work!!!!!!!!
Uriel HinbergBradBrad was by far the best technician I've spoken to at Gentech. Helpful, cordial, and quick.
AnnonMichaelwow greatest filter on earth
AnnonJoshI am incurring an issue with my settings which seems difficult to resolve. Josh spent an overwhelming amount of time researching it; he really wants to have his customers' needs met!
pessy pechterDavidI just got off the phone with David ( I think it was him) he was extremely helpful!
thank you David!
keep up the great work!!
AnnonBrianKeep up the good work
AnnonJimFilter works but it seems like it causes the browsing to be VERY slow
Yitzy KowalskyMichaelMy issues were resolved properly. Thank you.
Daniel GreenbergJoeThank you! Service was fast, courteous and knew what to do!
Chaya TendlerBrianOnce I called, I did not have to wait at all, although I was on the phone for a long time with support. However, before that, I got a response that they tried to call on my Israel number, but it seems that it was dialed wrong. It says that they called 972-058-320-3823, but when you call from America, you need to skip the first zero--so it would be 972-58-320-3823.

Thank you for your help! Brian was very patient and knowledgeable.
AnnonJimJim did a fantastic job helping me with all my problems with the filter
AnnonJoedid not fix the problem, i needed to update my phone, and couldn't do so do because of the filter, so he told me that he unblocked the filter for 60 min. and i should update the phone then, i tried then but the filter still blocked it.
AnnonJoeVery bad
AnnonJoeMy computer did not update properly and as a result had system issues. I needed to take it to a computer technician and pay to have it repaired before i was able to have gentech turn off my filter in order to update the computer.
Yosef FellerJoshAlthough I called very close to closing time, Josh was very patient and helpful, despite our call going over half an hour after business hours. I really appreciate that.

Thanks again!
AnnonMichaelGood work, keep it up!
AnnonPeterOn a whole, I am extremely disappointed with your service.
My requests never work, and I am forced to stay on the phone for hours, and then after all the techs do, it still doesn't work.
Which is why I must say I was so impressed with Peter this morning.
He was quick, efficient, and he knew what he was talking about.
Within minutes, he was able to do what yesterday after an hour the tech I was on with still had not accomplished.
Thank you Peter!!
AnnonPetervery happy with the service provided by Peter
chana cheruffJoeJoe was efficient and kept trying to fix the problem until it was solved. Very smooth. Thank you!
markBrianBrian devoted himself to our cause, and had the right amount of enthusiasm and dedication to getting the job done. in my case, it was a well hidden setting, which after many attempts he was able to pinpoint and resolve.

Thank you!

zvi briskJoeThank You very happy
Eli EiderJoshWorks great, contacting you is easy, though I would love if I would be able update my software by myself, and secondly not have to wait so long for you to adjust your filter to the the new software
AnnonMichaelThank you so much, you guys are great. I am still trying to figure out how strong of a filter I need
leah robertsJoeyour phone support is remarkable. thank you.
Yisroel GrinbergDavidDavid ur amazing, the fhe website was working slowly in general, now it takes a second to load anything
AnnonPatrickI'm amazed how patient your representatives always are, and the high level of their performance. keep up your great service to the public!
satisfied customer
AnnonJoshgreat work!
AnnonBenI wish you can block some pictures of sites that i need.
Ex amazom
Moshe PanethJoeI'm coming from a filter that I didn't like from day one.
As of now I can tell I love this filter.
AnnonPatrickpatrik served me very well with a lot of patience
I appreciate it.
YOEL SOFERJoe I just had a full one day so far so good I will have to wait and see
DovJoshThere were a few times where the filter without any rhyme or reason started blocking parts of apps that previously worked. Each time when I called, the serviceman was helpful, efficient, and curtious. Josh was the same, being very helpful and very patient.

Thank you
AnnonNathanFiltering really slows down speed. Also, it seems like your chat feature is disabled more often than it used to be. Thank you!

Support has been great.
Abe GrossmanBrianSometimes its weird what is blocked and what not
Yehuda LeonorovitzJoshJosh is the best he is very good
AnnonPeterVery patient. Very willing to keep trying till it worked!!! ThankYou!!
AnnonJoshJosh was extremely patient and helpful, even though it was the first time he encountered this error. He deserves a raise!!
LeahMichaelMichael was really quick and helped me a lot!! Thank you Michael!
Israel NewmanPeterMy Facebook isn’t working via safari and with the Gentech filter my internet on my iPhone is much slower. Can someone please fix this. Thank you.
Sy SternNathanKeep up the good work, but try to make the product as efficient as possible so that it doesn't drain the battery.
Binyomin GutmanJacobThank you
MiriamBrianbrian was helpful. thanks!
Jacob FastenJoegood job! keep it up.
nissimJacobjacob was absolutly amazing so quick and easy to work with great asset to your team
chily rottenbergJacobi would say this is THE BEST servis i ever got from all the compnys i ever deal with
keep up your good work
Rachelle ZajacJacobWaited quite a while for the support provider to answer the phone. Otherwise he was pleasant and competent.
I am still getting some video pop up ads from time to time. Is there anyway to block these?

AnnonJoeThe issue still needs to be resolved
Tziviah GoldbergPatrickPatrik was very helpful and patient.
AnnonJoeWent well, was helpful
AnnonJacobAmazing Customer Service!!!!!!
royal bakeJoeSlows down the computer like crazy, but the features and filtering are great
AnnonJoeIn the email that came in it said to give feedback on Josh but the agent which serviced me was Joe (during the call, I sent him a screen shot and I clearly remember sending it to; what it said in the email must have been an error) so I will give my feedback on Joe.

He very patiently listened to my issue, gave much time, and tried his very best to resolve it. He is an excellent customer-service representative.
AnnonJacobJacob was great in helping me quickly
Elimelech LuriaDavidDavid is a great technician he was able to solve problems that others could't ............
AnnonMichaelJosh last night and Michael today
Thank you for allowing us to filter phones
Brooke- Not sure -Issue was resolved so I’m grateful. Thank you.
Nissim SchoenwaldJacobTen stars thanks so much for your patience Jacob!
AnnonBrianThe support I just got was highly professional, fast, clear and helpful. Thank you
SARAH herzkaPatrickPatrick was nice, quick, and efficient. he knew what I needed and helped.

Thank you
Yechiel Jaradi- Not sure - you guys the best
Yochanan SchermanMartinYou really perfected your service and make each customer feel like a VIP! Keep up your amazing work!
MillerPeterThe filter works properly but decreases a lot the answer time (internet was much more slower with the filter).