Installation iOS

Installation Instructions iOS

Items Needed for Installation
  1. Windows PC
  2. iTunes installed on the PC Download iTunes here
  3. GenTech iOS installer Download installer here
Device Preparation
  1. On your device find Settings.
  2. Go to iCloud.
  3. Turn OFF find my iPhone/iPad.

After installation, you may turn it back ON.

Installation Setup Part 1
  1. Make sure a recent version of iTunes is installed on the PC.
  2. Download the GenTech iOS installer.
  3. Plug your device into the PC.
  4. A verification message will appear on your device. Tap TRUST.
  5. The installer will say connected when it is ready. Your device’s name and type will appear as well.
  6. Enter your Username in the USERNAME field.
  7. Choose your location from the SERVER drop-down menu.
Installation Setup Part 2 (optional)

You may choose to skip this step and keep the defaults.

Caution: To undo these settings, the filter will need to be uninstalled and reinstalled, so please review them carefully.

Left Section: Restrictions

Scroll over each item for a brief description of each restriction.

By default, the main restrictions necessary for a safe filter are already set. Additional restrictions are available as well that were not set by default. Review this list to be sure that these settings are acceptable to you. Modify as appropriate.

Right Section: Blacklisted Apps

This section allows you to remove apps from the device and restrict them from getting downloaded from the app store.

The + button at the right will allow you to search the app store and add to the list. The – button will remove an item from the blacklist.

You have the option here to remove system apps that come preinstalled on the device.

Harmful apps designed to bypass filters were blacklisted by default.

Add a checkmark next to the app that you’d like to blacklist.

Final Steps

Click the green INSTALL button at the bottom. The device will restart and the install will say FINISHED.

Your device will be set to the default filtering settings. Please contact support at 718.GEN.TECH or by email at to customize your settings.