MDM Update

1. Go to and wait for the new MDM to get downloaded.
2. Once the apk is downloaded, open it.
3. Press Install.

 4. Press Open.

 5. Check “Grant permission” and press NEXT.

 6. Check “Grant Permission” – > Press Activate – > Press NEXT.

 7. Check “Grant permission” and press NEXT.

8. Now please choose the server. If you are not in one of the available countries, please choose the recommendation.

 9. Fill in your username and password. ( please take note that these fields are case sensitive).


 11. Wait for the migration process to be completed.

Whenever you need to download media from WhatsApp you just need to:

1. Open the filter application and press on “VPN Control”

 2. Press “OK”.

 3. Once you are done with downloading media from WhatsApp you can stop the VPN by pressing on the notification “VPN is activated by GenTech MDM” and press “Disconnect”.