Advanced Config Commands



IC full bypass
firewall_allow_processes = .*example_process\.exe

Example: .*skype\.exe

IP Bypass
firewall_allow_addresses = ?\.?\.?\.?

Program bypass
firewall_allow_processes = .*??????\.???,

Program bypass by signature (certificate)
firewall_allow_processes_certsubject_tcp_udp =.*certificate name,
EX: firewall_allow_processes_certsubject_tcp_udp =.*TeamViewer,.*LogMeIn,.*Elsinore Technologies,

IC Proxy


Android full Bypass

Android IP Bypass

MDM Domain Bypass

MDM Allow Task Manager (if filter is killed by task-manager then parts of filter/apps might not function properly)

Whatsapp Advanced Config
Caution! This will delete the content in the folders (images/videos). To prevent this back-up the data there on an external source or cloud manually, not through the built in option from Whatsapp

To Block Whatsapp Videos with MDM

To Filter Whatsapp Images with MDM

To Block Whatsapp Images with MDM

To Block Whatsapp Status with MDM

_debug_log = Debug
_allow_hotspot = true/false
_otaupdate = true/false (Allows or blocks system updates)
_otaupdateapk = true/false (Allows or block filter app update)
_taskmanager = true/false (Allows or blocks hotspot)

Starting with MDM 16 there are some new rules, the most important are:

_use_server = us/eu/ca/is/au (Moves the user to the to the selected filtering server)

Important notice regarding this is if, for example the customer has the filter installed with the US server and was moved on the Canada server using _use_server=ca, even if the _use_server=ca command is removed
from his advanced config, the customer will NOT automatically return to the US server.
In case of issues or customer leaving country  the best use will be move the user with _use_server and after that remove the command as soon as you can confirm that the change is active.


iOS Full Bypass
^RULE[]=BYPASS:isInNet(dnsResolve(host), “”, “”)

iOS IP Bypass
^RULE[] = BYPASS:isInNet(dnsResolve(host), “***.***.***.***”, “”)

iOS Domain Bypass
^RULE[] = BYPASS:dnsDomainIs(host, “??????????????”)

iOS URL Bypass
^RULE[] = BYPASS:shExpMatch(url, “*?????????????*”)

^RULE[] = BLOCK:shExpMatch(url, “*?????????????*”)