Apps Only Mode

The Apps-Only Mode currently available for Android devices is meant for users that want to have apps only without any browsing.

On this mode, users will need to have all their apps pre-approved in order for them to work. On lite, the filter will prevent the app from opening. On root and MDM, the filter will automatically delete all the apps that were not pre-approved in the filtering settings.

Things to remember about Apps Only Mode

Approve the apps by selecting the Allow Installed box under the Apps tab in the CRM.

Apps only account are automatically placed on Signup phase. This will prevent the filter from deleting the apps. Once the apps are loaded and allowed, remove the signup phase setting so the filter will operate properly. Find this under the setting tab.

Verify that Google search is on block under the Filtering tab, as this can cause issues with in-app-browsers.

Look through the apps and make sure that all the browsers are placed in Hide/Uninstall. Some phones have more than one pre-installed browser.