Credential Storage

Credential Storage

Enter Password for credentials storage

When you get that error message while installing our trusted certificate please do the following:

1. Go to Settings – Security – Device administrator and uncheck Livigent

2. Scroll down and search for trusted Credentials- Tap on it- Tap on User – Tap on Livigent CA and remove it.

3. Go to Settings again – Apps/Applications – All – Livigent – Clear Data and Cache;

4. Go to Settings Security and make sure that Lockscreen is set to None or Swipe;

5. Restart the device;

6.After the restart go again to Settings – Security – Lock Screen – Set it to Password;

7.Now go to the Settings – More Networks – VPN (It should not ask you for a password)

8.Go to Settings – Security – Lockscreen – Change the Password to none

9. Go to settings – More Networks – VPN – It should ask you to set up a password for credential storage, set it to 0000

10. Go back to the Livigent app and start the installation again. Now you can install the certificate.

Installing Certificate Manually and it requires a pin

  1. create a pin, and install certificate
  2. change from pin to pattern and create a backup pin
  3. restart device
  4. do 5 bad attempts on the pattern and log in with the backup pin
  5. you can now use swipe