CRM Setup – Apps Tab – Android

D. Apps Tab (Android only)

This Tab allows control over the device’s apps.

1. App List – All apps currently installed on the device will be displayed in the list.

Available controls:

A. Allow Installed – Needed only for accounts set to Apps only mode.

  • Root/MDM: Allows the app to stay on the device.
  • Lite: Allows the app to open.

B. Push Install – Root only – will install the App on the device. (this function has not been updated – may not work).

C. Bypass – This will allow the app to bypass the filter. This will 1) unfilter the app, 2) Cause some apps to malfunction. Please use as last resort.

Note: On Android Samsung MDM – this function is inactive.

D. Block – Will block internet access to the app, but the app will open.

Note: On Android Samsung MDM – this function is inactive.

E. Uninstall/Hide

  • Root/MDM: Will delete the app.
  • Lite: Will block the app from opening.

2. Adding New Apps To List – Users on Apps only mode need approval for new apps. Without approval (having Allow Installed box checked):

  • Root/MDM: the app will be deleted.
  • Lite: The app will not open.

Add new apps to the list by typing the name of the app in the search bar above the app list, find the correct app, then press the green Add Application button. The app will appear at the bottom of the app list.

You can add any package name to the list by entering the package name into this field and click the green Add Package ID button at the bottom of the suggested apps.

3. Adding Categories and Content Ratings – New categories and Content Ratings can be added to the app list and get controlled to be allowed, blocked, or hidden – just like any single app.

Add these by choosing an option from category or Content Rating list, then choose the appropriate action (Allow, Block, Uninstall/Hide) for that item. This is useful as additional protection for blocking harmful content in the Playstore.