CRM Setup – Filtering Tab

A. Filtering Tab

1. Choosing A Mode

A. Categories: For users requesting open (Filtered) access.

For this setting – leave the 4 mode switches on Allow.

Use the toggle switches to set the categories to be allowed/blocked to the user’s specifications.

B. Whitelist: For users requesting restricted access – needing only a pre-selected list of sites.

For this setting – set the ALL DATA – Gentech’s Whitelist mode switch to Block (Leave the other 3 on Allow).

This setting disables all the category toggle switches. Any Sites and Apps must be allowed by using the URL Approvals and Meta Apps.

2. Quality Time

GenTech has the capacity to set a customized schedule to block full internet access on the device. Times can be set in 30-minute intervals and can be adjusted for a full week’s schedule.

3. URL Lists

This section contains 3 parts:
A. TAG SSL Override – This feature allows resolving security errors from secure sites.

Important Notes:

  • If the commands are entered incorrectly, it will not work. Please note that the format to enter sites here is different from the rest of the CRM.
  • In this section, a star is used to represent a word. This may potentially open any subdomain on that entire domain, so please use with caution.
  • Use a star only when you need to open multiple subdomains of a site. Otherwise, simply enter the necessary subdomain, as shown below.

Choose the correct format from the charts below.

B. Old URL Lists – Some users have URLs that were entered before the CRM update. These were left here as non-editable lists with a red X. In order to remove any site, you need to delete the entire list (press the red X). Please copy the entire list prior to deleting as everything else will need to be re-entered using the new URL approval system.

C. New URL Requests – All individual sites that were customized for this account – using the Add New URL feature – appear in this section.

Changing or Removing A Site

All changes must be done in the URL approval section. Use the links under the Activity tab to open the request and change the settings of that particular request.

4. Add New URL

This section allows the individual sites to be customized. These URLs are placed on lists that give them customized settings.
Available options for site customization:

A. Whitelist – Allow an individual site to open.


  • a. Approvals TAG Whitelist No Filter – Will Allow the entered site with NO filter. Use only when a site is improperly categorized as adult content.
  • b. Approvals TAG Whitelist Minimum Filter – Will Allow the entered site with a minimum filter for inappropriate content.

B. Mute – Remove a site from it’s default category.


  • a. TAG Mute – Will exclude the site from getting categorized by the real-time filter for that category (Please select the appropriate mute – or else it won’t work).
  • b. TAG URL_Mute – Will exclude the site from getting categorized by the URL_Lists filter for that category.

C. Blacklist – Block a site from opening.


  • 01 Global Blacklist – Will Block that site for this user (it won’t affect all users globally – despite the name). Please use this instead of the category blacklists.

D. Image Altering Override – Will remove image altering from that site (for users who have image altering on their account).


  • Approvals TAG Image Altering Override

E. Allow YouTube Embedded Videos – Will allow embedded YouTube video clips to play on that site (even if user has blocked).


  • Approvals TAG Allow Youtube Embedded


How To Know Why A Site Is Blocked
  1. Visit and use the site analyzer.
  2. Scroll to the very bottom of the block page and read the reason for the block.
  3. Look in the live or archived logs and see why it’s getting blocked.