CRM Setup – Settings Tab

F. Settings Tab

Device Configuration

1. Username and Password
  • Android: This is the username and password to enter into the filter app on the device.
  • iOS: This is the username to enter into the installer during installation. This is the information to enter into the proxy popup as well.
  • IC: This is the username and password to enter into the profile tab inside the Livigent filter software on the device.
2. Last Seen – This shows when the device was last seen by the Livigent server. On android and ios – the device should be seen every 30 minutes. Longer times may be the indication of a problem – providing that the device is online.3. Request Uninstall Code
  • Root: Not available.
  • Lite: Press this button to generate an uninstall code. Enter this code into the Livigent app.
  • iOS: Enter the last 4 characters of the serial number and the uninstall code. Use the generated number to remove the filtering profiles.
  • IC: Enter the machine key in the box and use the generated code to uninstall Livigent from the computer.
4. Manage Uninstall Rules – Android OnlyEnter the device ID in this box (you can copy it from the last seen, just verify that it’s the same one in the device), click save and config, and do update policy on the device. This will allow the filter to be uninstalled without an uninstall code (both lite and root).5. Private Advanced ConfigThis section allows advanced changes to be made to the account. See further instructions in each platform’s specific section.6. Application control mode (Android only)
  • Apps Only Mode – All browsing will be restricted. Only approved apps will be allowed to function.
  • General Mode – Allows apps and browsing. Apps don’t need special approval.


1. TAG Troubleshooting

These options disable filtering – for troubleshooting purposes.

  • 01 Bypass URL – This option will allow all URLs to pass through the filter. But all certificates will still be inspected by Livigent.
  • 02 Bypass SSL – This option will stop Livigent from inspecting any SSL certificates, but all available traffic will still be filtered.
  • TAG Debug – Disables the whole filter. No Certificates will be inspected and no traffic will be blocked.

2. Gentech Non Payment

  • User’s are placed on this setting by GenTech billing department for not paying their bill. Please forward these users to call the billing department.

PIN Protection

GenTech allows locking the account with a security PIN to secure against unauthorized changes. Changes will not save with this PIN. (You can click on the edit icon to view the PIN).