Filter Installation – iOS

IOS Pre-Installation System Setup

Livigent for iOS is installed through an installer for windows.

  1. Download the latest Livigent iOS Installer. You can download it from and click iOS-Filter.
  2. Install a recent version of iTunes on your computer. ( DO NOT USE iTUNES FROM MICROSOFT STORE )

New Device Setup – iOS

Filter Installation – iOS

1. On the device: Go to Settings > Tap on the apple account > iCloud > Turn OFF Find My Iphone (Apple ID & internet connection required)

2. Connect the device to your computer. Windows will need to install the device drivers before the device will be recognized.
3. On the device: Open the screen – enter the screen lock passcode – if necessary.
4. On the device: Once it’s recognized, a pop up message will appear on the screen, tap Trust to allow connection.
5. On the computer: Open the Livigent iOS Installer.
6. You’ll know it’s ready to install when the device’s name and iOS version is displayed, and the webclip option at the bottom is filled in. If the Unique Code is ##, you can add a 2 digit code of your choice.

7. Enter the Livigent username into the Username field (Case sensitive. Enter it the way it shows in the CRM).
8. Review the Restrictions section for any necessary adjustments.
9. Review the Blacklisted Apps section to ensure that no needed apps will be blocked.
10. Offer to blacklist additional apps as per the user’s specifications (built-in stock iOS apps can be blocked as well). By default it blocks a whole list of apps that would bypass the filter, as well as Facebook, Twitter.
11. Finally, click the green Install button at the bottom.


If successful, the device will restart and the program will display a success message.

Authentication pop-ups

On iOS devices we don’t have the users password in the pac to authenticate the user when accessing the server and we use other methods of authentication, therefor user will sometimes get a popup requiring credentials, here is what to do

For the first time user must enter the proper credentials, from thier on his information will be cached on the server and if he ever does receive a popup again he can just cancel it and hit the GenTech webclip which basically gives the server the users new ip address