How it works

What is a “Cloud Filter”?

The term cloud is used nowadays to describe a service that uses online software, rather than software installed on your computer. Think of an online email service like Gmail for example. At GenTech Solution, we have discovered that a cloud-based filter is the ultimate filtering solution for the Jewish community.

Here’s why: When a filter is installed on your computer, then by definition, you are the only one capable of making changes to the filtering level. You can even turn it off at a whim when you have a weak moment. Even if the program is protected by a password, it is only worthwhile if you have someone who can hold the password for you. Otherwise, the filter hardly provides real protection.

A cloud-based filter is very different. Since it is online-based, no physical access to your computer is necessary to make changes to your account. Therefore, the management of the filter can be delegated to someone else. With GenTech, you delegate this job to the GenTech staff.

It’s not that you’re relinquishing control completely, you can always ask us to change your filtering level or to allow a specific site. But gone are the days when you’ll find yourself turning the filter on and off depending on your mood. You also won’t have the option to instantly remove the filter during a weak moment. Removing GenTech requires the assistance of our customer support.

Until now, cloud filtering technology was only available by switching your ISP (internet service provider) to a Jewish company and was only available in specific countries. Now with GenTech, this technology is accessible to everyone. In addition, GenTech protects your computer even when you are connected to the internet with a public unfiltered WiFi network.


GenTech Pro utilizes the Livigent® Content Filter. And uses cloud software provided by Livigent, which is a content-based filter that uses Artificial Intelligence to scan each page in real-time. It was developed especially with the frum community in mind. Sites like YouTube, Facebook, Google Image Search, Craigslist, etc. can be left open for those who need them, because the Livigent technology can scan the pages and determine if it is acceptable or not. It can even block objectionable images on the page in real time!

This company only licenses their products in bulk to major businesses or organizations, and they also don’t offer end-user support. GenTech facilitates the framework to provide these top-notch filters to the worldwide Jewish community by purchasing licenses in bulk and providing them to you.