iOS Remote Profile

iOS Remote Profile

iOS Remote profile only works on Supervised iPhones/iPads. That applies to one of these 2 situations


1. A device which had the filter uninstalled and the filter was removed ( without resetting the device – if the device is reseted, you cannot use it)

2. A device which already has the filter installed and you want to install the profile on top of the old one ( usually when customers decide to change some restrictions or blacklisted apps )

Assuming that the device is supervised, here are the steps to follow:

1. Open the device in CRM → go to Profile

2. Select New profile template

3. Fill in the information

The only fields that you need to fill in are 1,2 and 3.

1- The profile name – use a name that you could use to identify easily the profile with the changes that you did.

2- The last 4 characters of the device serial number ( which can be found in Settings → General → About → Serial Number)

3- Server Location ( choose the appropriate server location – make sure that is the same location as the one from CRM device → Settings → Server Location

4. After filling the information proceed to set up the restrictions

5. Save Profile

6. Once the profile is saved, you can see it in the profile tab

Description – Profile name

User – the username that is created for

Location – the server location chosen for that profile

Digits – the last 4 characters of the serial number

Date – the date when it was created

ACL – the Agent that created that profile

Downloads – the number of times the profile was applied to the device

At any point, you can see what restrictions a customer has on his device by clicking on Load profile for the profile used for his device

7a. After the profile is saved, the customer can press on the “Update Profile” button in his webclip

7b. Or for a reinstall he needs to go to on his device (only by using Safari) he needs to input his username in the field ( the field is case sensitive ) and click on INSTALL YOUR FILTER.

8. They need to Allow the following message:

9. Once the profile is downloaded, go to Settings → General → Profile → Downloaded profile → Tap on GenTech Filter and tap on Install and Install again on the next page and then Done.

10. Once the profile is installed, you need to go to Settings → General → About → Certificate Trust Settings → and Turn ON both GenTech Solution CA and Livigent CA and click Continue when getting the warning.

The new profile is now installed. Keep in mind that ALL old Restrictions were overridden by the new Restrictions that you selected during creating the profile.